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Zombie Working

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Published on February 5, 2018 at 12:11 AM.

Life is difficult when you cannot—for whatever reason—get enough useful sleep. Sleep is required for the brain to function “cleanly,” and also to perform bodily self-repair functions. And yet, the body has an annoying habit of interfering with sleep when something is not right. And working as a programmer—or a designer, or any type of mental profession—can be difficult when you chronically cannot get enough sleep. The result? A zombie working.

At least, something which resembles one. When you haven’t had enough sleep, minor little things are off, but you can usually work around them—provided that you’re the picture of health, that is. But if you are not the picture of health, or if you are chronically short on sleep, it becomes worse than that.

Instead of little mental derailments, you have entire periods of time where you stare at your workspace, with a task before you, and you’re literally frozen. You’re unable to do anything about it, because you’re too damned tired—and you cannot focus on it, or really anything else that is mentally taxing. The more (mentally) taxing the task, the less able the sleep-deprived mind is able to allow you to deal with it.

Food, Sleep, and Work

In my particular case, I have a gastrointestinal system that can be described on its very best day as irritating, on an average day as pathological, and on a bad day as downright intrusive. Matters were only made worse several years ago when I had a surgery that was supposed to improve things—but instead made it nearly impossible on a regular basis to leave the house. As a person who not only very regularly left the house for the purpose of work, but has three children, this is not a very satifying existence.

Without going into details that would turn this either into a grotesque entry, I’ll just say that the surgery ultimately resulted in loss of function with regard to the final stages of the digestion and processing of food. This places a heavy mark upon my existence, so much so that the habits of my life have been completely altered out of necessity.

These… issues, I’ll call them, they are enough to interfere with two quite essential functions to life: eating and sleeping.

What do you imagine happens to work when eating and sleeping are disrupted?

A Possible Solution

I think I have a solution to this problem. I am a “computer guy,” and there are these people around that run offices that are “human body guys.”

If you happen to be one of the latter, and you’re within reasonable driving distance of Stonecrest, GA, I propose that you get in touch with me about a barter deal: I’ll manage your technology and information security, on the condition that you’ll help manage my issues. You get an employee worth $50k or more, and you provide far less than that in services, so it’d be a win-win.

Because while this zombie wants to work, he just can’t much of the time.