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The Relaxation of Writing

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Published on February 16, 2018 at 4:19 PM.

Perhaps the thing that I missed the most from the last time that I had my blog, was the relaxation that I obtained from writing for it. Not being read—I actually kinda don’t care who reads the thing. I never did write my blog to be read, just to be written.

In my personal opinion, writing is a nice and relaxing activity. It prompts you to think, even as you put the words down. If you’re anything like me, you challenge the points that you are thinking about, especially if you cannot recall in that moment the reason that you consider the point to be valid. You might even learn that your position is wrong, and wind up scrapping an entire document because you’ve learned that it was built on a flawed premise. You might—or might not—rewrite that scrapped document after reframing your thoughts. For me, this is why writing is for me, the writer—and not for you, the reader.

It’s something to keep in mind both as you read posts that I write going forward, and as I import older content—which I haven’t started just yet. I never did publish on the Internet for you, dear reader, and I’m not about to start doing so. But I’ll be happy if you derive some benefit from my writings, and I certainly won’t complain if you contribute.