Mike’s Place


Yes, I know. Sometimes, some of you want to contact me. See below for options on how to do that.

My Policy on Replying

Just so that everyone’s expectations are well-managed, it is made clear up front that I WILL NOT respond to—

So, if you send bullshit my way, and I don’t respond to it, don’t get all twisted out of shape over it. I already told you it wasn’t gonna happen, right here, right now. It’ll simply get deleted, and I won’t experience any pain or stress over it.

Method 1: The ActivityPub Fediverse

I am @SuperFloppies@mastodon.technology. So, if you have an account on the ActivityPub Fediverse (and it’s not on an instance that I or my instance’s administration have blocked for one reason or another), then you can contact me there.

Truly, this is my preferred method; I’ll notice it faster than just about anything else, and you’ll actually get a response. Win-win, that. Of course, if there is some reason that you cannot do that—say, for example, you’re Wil Wheaton or another mob refugee—then Method 2 becomes preferred.

Method 2: XMPP (formerly known as Jabber)

I am superfloppies@jabber.at and SuperFloppies@trashserver.net.

Method 3: Internet Mail

You can send Internet mail to mike@trausch.us. If you would like to send me a private email, be sure to pick up my OpenPGP key from my Keybase profile.

I try to check my mail daily. In reality, it works out to be somewhere between daily and monthly. If your communication is of a time-sensitive nature, email is probably not the way to send it to me. It is unlikely that I will ever see email as a realtime communication mechanism, so don’t expect me to reply to email five minutes after you sent it—it is almost never going to happen.

Method 4: Snail Mail

If you already have my address, you’re welcome to try. But don’t hold your breath on a response that way.