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I rarely—almost never, actually—meet my monthly expenses. For the month of March 2019, I made exactly zero and required a little more than $600 just to live, between food and medicine. Where did that money come from? Family whose resources are wearing dangerously thin. Mine ran out a long time ago. Now, I’m not the begging type, but I need a little help.

Really, all I ask is that if anything I’ve written here—or anywhere on the Internet, really—has helped you out, that you return the favor by throwing me enough for a specialist visit copay, or even just a 12-pack of cheap ramen noodles. And thanks, it helps: the less that I have to worry about, the more I can focus on the things that make me happy, like creating software, which in turn makes me a more pleasant person. 😊


These are the methods available… thanks a bunch!


Method Address/ID Description
Cash App $mtrausch Square’s online USD wallet.
Check Request Not preferred, but will work.
Wire Request Bank wire transfer. Expensive!


Method Address/ID
Bitcoin (BTC) Request
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Request
Ether (ETH) Request
Stellar (XLM)
(Used on Keybase)