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Unix Basic Concepts

First off, I’d like to say that this document, while more or less finished, has not been fully proofed for typographical errors. Be kind, thanks. This aims to be generally useful for anyone coming from a background that is not Unix. I do assume herein that you’re coming from something else, but not what that something else is. To put it differently: the information in this page will be absolute gobbledygook if you’re not familiar with analgous concepts in some other multiuser environment.

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Incremental Backups With CD/DVD/BluRay Media

We all know it: nobody does backups. At least, most people don’t, anyway. But everyone—and probably you, too—has important data. What to do? If you’re on something other than Windows (or you’re using Cygwin on Windows) and you don’t mind a little bit of copy & paste, there is an easy answer here. Check out xorriso The xorriso command makes this easy. Well, “easy”, meaning once you have learned how, you can put it in a shell script and life is happy.

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Creating Statically Linked ELF Executables

This writeup was inspired by a conversation on Mastodon. The Problem It is really easy to do something silly with an ELF file, such as accidentally create a dynamically-linked one as opposed to a statically-linked one. This is incredibly easy to do because in nine out of ten situations, you want to create an ELF program that uses shared libraries. Also, perhaps counter-intuitively, when linking a PIE binary, it is an ELF shared object with an entrypoint, not an ELF executable.

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